Saturday, February 09, 2008

Now With A Splash of Color!

Parker's white dobo (robe) will now be accented with a yellow belt! It's official he passed. We went this morning to test. Before they tested the black belts did a demonstration. I think P was pretty much in awe. They broke a number of different things including concrete and boards on fire. I think he did pretty good and broke his board pretty fast. I was hoping he wasn't nervous and he told me he wasn't. They don't get their actual belt though until next Thursday, but he'll now be in the colored belt classes. It looks pretty fast paced. I didn't get any decent pics today, besides a couple of little movies on the camera. I'll be sure to take one once he's got the new belt on.

Last night was the big Daddy/Daughter Dance in town. Of course Emma proceeded to fall asleep after she got home and then we had to try to get her woke up AND in a good mood. So of course that meant no pics of her with her daddy before they left. I knew she'd have a good time once she got there and she did. They stayed for the whole thing. I guess she was rocking it out pretty good. She was very wound up when she got home. Parker on the other hand told me at 7:30 it was late enough for him so he was going to bed. He is SO like his father!

Tonight we are going out for early Valentine's day. No idea yet what we're doing, but the neighbor girl is coming over to babysit, so I'll need to get some cleaning done asap!

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