Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Hansens Top 10 Vegas Happenings

10. See the Bellagio fountain and the Eifel Tower from your hotel room.
9. Carrot Top - very funny!
8. Seafood Buffets...twice!
7. We fought the slot machines and the machines won!
6. 50 and 60 degree weather. A heat wave!
5. Judi made a new friend on the bus. (Ask her about it)
4. The limo ride from the airport - surprise Judi!
3. 36 oz margaritas and $1 jello shots from Fat Tuesday
2. Mostly naked Australian men and sitting right in front to see it.
and the #1 thing to do in Vegas is....

Go to Dick's restaurant at Excalibur, wear a hat that says "My legs are like a Super Walmart, open 24 hours" and then proceed to get a lap dance from a chubby man who puts a teal G string in your face. Happy Birthday Judi!

P.S. Pics on #1 will be posted tomorrow...ha ha ha!!!

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