Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bologna or Bust

Emma is far more creative than I am. Case in point, this altered bologna package. She worked on this yesterday after I picked her up from school sick (as you can see she looks to be feeling fine). She had polished off the rest of the bologna and said mom I can use this now to hold my snacks, but first I need to decorate it. She wanted to use some blue glitter stuff that she said was in my scrap room (no idea what that was?) but I found these glitter stickers instead for her. She worked and worked on it...often the tongue even came out to help her out. Of course later the bologna container got stepped on and that ended badly, but this girl has "crafts" in her blood. Give her a year or two and I'm going to have to start pimping her out. I've altered a juice can that will be in a magazine soon, but I had never thought to use a bologna container! Also pictured is P's pinewood derby car. They put some coats of paint on it the other day. How dare Daddy not think to take action pictures?

Technically I am supposed to be at work right now..but alas it was not in the cards. We were hit with a bunch of snow AGAIN and Steve spent over an hour just plowing our drive. I headed out and did fine until I got to the roads that are to be plowed by the county. (It's about 8:30 by this time). When they plowed the highway they pushed all the snow onto the side road and so a Kia Sedona can not battle a mound of snow. Steve was planning to be home anyway so he came and pulled me out. I gave up and am taking another PTO day. Turns out hardly anyone made it to work. Ash Wednesday tonight, but I think we should be able to go. Steve's truck kicks butt. He was in town earlier and said there are cars off and stuck everywhere. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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