Sunday, February 10, 2008

You're Purrrrrfect!

Tonight the kids got busy on their valentines for school. We'll tackle their daycare valentines tomorrow. One of the reasons I went to WM today was to get valentines and candy and then almost forgot because I didn't write it on the list. They both got the same cards and candy...keeps the disagreements to a minimum. Picked up $1 boxes of cute animal ones. They were a hit. They each filled all of their valentines out. I knew Parker would (and could), but I figured E would just want to do her name if that. Nope, she wrote them all out and even did it faster than Parker. They got a big chuckle out of all the cheesy sayings. Neither kid has school on Val Day P's is Weds and E's is Friday. I attached some photos and also a video of the TKD test on Saturday. He's in the upper left hand corner at the front. Also included one of E wearing her cheerleading hair bow right after a bath - so ignore the wet hair part.

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