Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Same "Stuff" Different Day

The Hansens are still falling apart. Most of us are battling a bit of a cold/cough. Then of course Sunday I wake up and have shooting pains up my back (again). And Steve was gone a good part of the day to a church thing. I did take the kids into Sunday School and even went to church. I'd better have gotten brownie points with the man upstairs - because I was begging him to strike me down it hurt so bad! When we got home the kids were forced to pretty much do there own thing and did very well "on their own." I still have pinched nerve issues at least once a month, but now apparently the middle of my back hates me now too. I have a messed up back/neck anyway, but a good portion of this is caused by 1) my desk job, 2) my scrapbooking (not so much the scrapping part since I generally don't have time day after day to do it) but the computer part of it and the fact that I'm also on the computer a lot for no apparent reason, just surfing and 3) I don't exercise and am getting fatter by the day. I am now down to 2.5 weeks to Vegas and need to try to at least lose a few before we leave. I also need to get my legs on the treadmill a bit so I'm not in total pain from all the walking. I'm definitely taking it easy on my back for a few days before we leave. I am living it up when I get there!

Today at work I get a call about 10:30 - E isn't feeling well and has a bit of a fever (again). I went to get her and she was zonked. She proceeds to wake up and be perfectly fine for the rest of the day. We are in the midst of a snowstorm so we'll see if there is even school tomorrow or not! The sickies are going around and around. I guess there were 10 kids sick at from preschool today...that's 25 percent of the class! Both kids' schools got out early and I needed to get P off the bus, so everything worked out ok... with the exception of me blowing thru my PTO like wildfire!

Got the March issue of Paper Crafts today and my first pub with them is in there. This BABY card. Now that my back is cooperating, I'll get my mini album posted sometime this week I made on Saturday. Also need to reorg the scrap room a bit, before I tackle any calls. I can't get my tote in there right now. It's a "wee" bit messy (again).

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