Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stupid Pet Tricks

One day last week (of course it was a very cold day...but when isn't it lately?) I pull into the driveway with Parker and notice there is some packaging laying on the snow/ice in the drive way. I notice the Paper Crafts logo in the corner. I jump out and glance around to see if anything at all survived the pooch. I find the latest issue in a snow bank with the cover and the 1st 8 pages eaten...apparently then he got bored? They send you a copy if you have an item in the magazine. I already subscribe so Steph and Roni will get the "dog eared" copy :-) I didn't see the card anywhere so if they sent it with, it perished and the dog will be pooping buttons for a week. He of course comes over to us like nothing is wrong and waiting for his usual dog biscuit. He got cussed (not that it will help) and did not get a treat. I went to the front door and the UPS man had even tied it up tight in a very strong plastic bag and had then tied it tight to the door handle. I then notice the front door is open a few inches. Bosco must have worked and worked on that bag to rip into it and in the process opened the door. That is not the first time the dog has eaten a package. I got my Giftmaker magazine in time and he had only gotten into the wrapper. Steve has been promising to build a shelf or box for the package people for a year. I'm going to have to gently remind him! I go in the house and of course the furnace is running full blast and the temp says 53. The house was freezing and didn't warm up forever. I wanted to trace the package to see approximately how long the house might have been open, but of course the dog had eaten the tracing number.

Sigh....if he wasn't so cute he would be forgiven each time!

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Heather said...

Mom has a big hard type rubbermaid bin on her deck for packages. Maybe your doggie could chew through that too?