Saturday, February 02, 2008

102 Degrees in the Shade

The fevers are still hanging around the Hansen house. This time it has been Steve since yesterday. Backing up to Thursday, E wasn't totally herself, but I thought ok enough to go to school. She was a little tired, but was talking my ear off on the way to school. I get to work and about 10 o'clock, the nurse calls. She's got a 102 fever. I had already worked like a dog the day before at work, since I didn't know if I'd be there Thursday anyway, so I was ready. She pretty much just chilled the rest of the afternoon, but still you could tell from her eyes she was still sick. I had also sent her Thursday because of cheer practice and she was very excited that they were going to get to cheer at the game Friday. Poor noodle didn't get to do it. She stayed home Friday too. We didn't know if her fever would spike again and she still wasn't her lively self. She can always cheer next year! Steve ended up with a 102 fever and feeling yucky on Friday too. Still had one today, but he said he was well enough to run P to basketball and even got the kids in for hair cuts. I see they even started on P's Pinewood Derby car. He said it was fine for me to go to the crop at E's school. I'm the only one that hasn't gotten sick yet. I'll either get it tomorrow while Steve's gone all day for church stuff (I had mentioned I would just have to lay on the couch and he said the kids wouldn't even notice I was sick then...har, har...) or on Monday which is our busiest day of the month at work.

Got another mini album finished at the crop today. This one was about me. I haven't taken pictures, but will post once I do. We have the worst lighting in this house...frustrating for scrapbookers! I had started this one last November and since I forgot the pictures for the other one I was planning to finish up today, this one got finished instead. All 4 of us even won today. I got some cute Love Elsie stuff. It'll look cute on some cards or layouts (been forever since I've done one).

That's about it for the sickie update!

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