Thursday, May 22, 2008

Always Low Prices

I have a love/hate relationship with Walmart. Love - that bags of chips are $1 cheaper than Fareway. Hate - there are never enough check out people and when you do get up there, they must comment on everything you are getting. Or telling you how tired they are and when they are getting off of work. (The last comment could also apply to Fareway) E and I ran there while P was at TKD tonight so we were on a strict time schedule. Of course the 3 checkers had people backed up so I braved the self-checkout. I only had around 20 items, although I generally only tackle it when I have less than 5. Last time I got up there to ring up E's flip flops and no tag! This time, everytime I would scan something, the skip bag thing would come on the screen and then say you need to get assistance. Of course the assister was helping the other 3 machines that were also having problems. Then I figured out if I waited 20 seconds, the assistance thing would go away. So what felt like 20 minutes later we were done. I even braved ringing up bananas!

When we pulled into the parking lot Emma says, "Yeah...this is the place with the always low prices!" "Is everything made in China here?" Something she got at school today was made in China and she's asked us about 100 questions tonight on why things are made in China. I left out the nitty gritty crappy details and just told her that there are a lot of places to make things there. At this age, you still sugar coat things a bit.

Tomorrow both kids have field trips to the park, so I need to remember to screen them up. Who knows with the weather here. Today was cold again, yesterday bright sun and warm. The cafeteria is making them sack lunches, so at least I don't have to tackle that!

Stopped for gas today since it was "only" $3.69 here and was higher than that in DM. I'm going to need to get a Le Car at this rate! The van's engine light has been going off and on forever and so we took it in today so Steve took me to work today. All I can say is that gas can be $13.69 a gallon and I don't think we can ever car pool together. I just have to be in control and drive myself! (Plus he's a bit crazy with the brake and steering wheel sometimes, but don't tell)

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