Saturday, May 03, 2008

Technology Who Needs It?

Well I haven't been able to blog the last few days since something weird happened with the security certificate on the computer. I couldn't post on a number of websites. I could do email etc, so at least I wasn't totally cut off from the outside world and this kept my withdrawl pains to a minimum. I look to be back up and running so I'll just give you a recap of the week.

The weather here still generally stinks. No snow at least, but a lot of wind and rain. A couple days weren't too bad this week I guess. Parker had 3 tball games and we had the usual usual kid stuff this week. Spent this morning at very WINDY tball and soccer practices. I won't bore you with any more details since one week is generally very similar to the rest. Emma is rockin' the new hairdo though!

I spent last night at the Reminisce crop at Memory Bound and tonight at Archiver's. Both were good times and I actually got quite a few cards made. If the wind conditions go down tomorrow I'll try to get some pics of what I made to share. I also way over spent this week on scrap supplies in general. I will admit I have a sickness and need to do something about it...or I need to actually spend more time in my scrap room using some of this up!

Our new carpet comes this week in the living room...yeah! I am so embarassed at how our old carpet looks. Most things in the living room are now in the family room, so please no one do a pop-in this week!

I'm tuckered out from all this late night cropping so off to bed.

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