Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cat Chow Fresh!

Ran to WM tonight to pick up some food for Mr. Cooper. He even more annoying when he gets down to the last few pieces. He'll follow you around and rub against you non-stop all the while looking pitiful. Tonight I got home and of course he must have smelled it the minute I walked in the door because he about knocked me over. While filling the plastic container I keep the extra in, I managed to dump a couple cups right into the washer. Genius I am - I thought maybe I could just put the cat in there and he'd eat it. (Hey, he drinks from the toilet, I thought he might want to eat out of the washer) He did NOT go for that! I got most of it out, but I have a feeling my next load will be Cat Chow fresh!

The clearance section is right by the cat food so I took a peek. Glad I did! I picked up 11 packages of black Dymo label tape for 50 cents each...sweet! They are usually around $3 a package and I go thru tape like crazy when crafting. Also picked up some metal organizer desk thingies for $1 for scrap goodies and 50 cent adapter for some of the kids' video games. Unfortunately I got stuck to a smelly person while on my treasure hunt, but that's the price you pay sometimes.

Tomorrow I'm off to the zoo for Parker's field trip. We'll see how the weather is. I need to pack us both sack lunches, delish! Also supposed to have a bball game tomorrow night, but that's probably iffy too. E's on Tuesday got postponed. 125 first graders at the zoo...this is gonna rock!

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