Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It Once Was Lost, But Now Is Found...

Parker's missing library book has been driving me nuts! I never remembered seeing it in his backpack, but figured I must have pulled it out and it got lost in the the clutter somewhere. I've been looking everywhere and the teacher didn't see it in their classroom anywhere either. Poor thing didn't a library book the next couple of times he went either. Then the other day he comes home with a new book and I thought that meant the book had been found. Nope, then I get a slip home a few days later (finally - a little irritated that they never sent a note home in the first place, I didn't even know the book I was looking for until I finally contacted the school. The ironic part is it was title Self Discipline) saying it's still out. I checked with the librarian again and guess what? It was on the library shelf all along! I'm guessing he checked it out and then put it back...sigh... At least the mystery has been solved anyway.

Emma had her first tball game tonight. She looked so cute. I haven't gotten any pics yet, but I've got some time. Of course I'll put it off and then wham! The season is over. I was a little worried she'd just mess around most of the time, but she ended up being the kid that paid the most attention. She did bam-bam (they hit a wiffleball) the last couple years so that must have helped. Plus she's surrounded by boys and so I'm sure she wants to impress. Parker had a game last night and was excited that he had a pretty good hit. In his age group, they get pitched to and you can strike out or get out at the bases, but still don't keep score. Everyone gets a turn. We now have a repreave in games till next Thursday.

Got our new carpet yesterday. So soft, stain free and smells so new! We're moving a bunch of our furniture around in the downstairs rooms too so everything isn't so cramped. It'll be nice to see something a little different.

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