Monday, May 19, 2008

Waiting is the hardest part......

Poor Miss E has been having some "throw up" issues. The whole thing is weird. She has been waking up in the middle of the night and throwing up (but only on the weekends). It's happened a little bit the two weekend before and now this weekend each night she's been sick. During the day then she's been perfectly fine. The poor thing was exhausted this morning and so went to the dr. Plus she is no longer wanting to eat anything. When it was first happening we thought she'd eaten too much junk and maybe upset her tummy. Luckily I was able to get in to see the doc I like this morning. Of course since he's so thorough he's always behind schedule. First we explained to the nurse, then the med student, then him. They all seemed puzzled (but didn't actually say that). She had an x-ray done of her tummy. He wants to hold off on during a bunch of blood work unless it's absolutely needed. They think it might some mucus/drainage stuff or acid reflux that's causing it (That's kind of what Steve and I were thinking). Of course after the xray we had to wait a long time in the exam room for him to come back and in the process Emma fell asleep on the table. Her medicine is to be taken before bedtime so we went ahead and headed home instead of making her wait at the pharmacy forever. She proceded to walk in the door and collapse on the couch. I carried her upstairs and she snoozed for 4 hours and just got up a bit ago. While I was typing, the dr's office called and I guess the insurance company won't give the one medicine in liquid form, only capsule (unless there is proof that she can't take a capsule...duh she's 5!). They said she can take it in pudding. Right now I still can't get her to eat much so this should be interesting. She is supposed to eat bland stuff for the next couple of days (BRAT diet) so I made her some banana chops and toast chops. So far 2 little banana chops down the pipe. She tried to drink some milk, but that did not cooperate. The xrays didn't show anything horrible (I was trying not to get upset and was worrying it'd be something horrible and Emma did so good laying still for it). In a bit we'll run in and get her meds. Yeah for drive up pharmacy! Stuff always happens when Steve is gone..although usually it involves something breaking on my van instead.

Since I haven't blogged in awhile, I'll do a quick recap of the last week's activities. This time of year is the "perfect storm" - to quote Pam from "The Office." May is always the craziest month for us kid-wise.

Sunday - Last day of Sunday School party, then had E's baton/tumbling/dance recital thing. She looked so darn adorable! I was a little nervous that she'd get sick and miss it. I about died when they came out and I didn't see her. But turned out that Cinderella's butt was in front of her at first! They were mice from Cinderalla. She did awesome and kept a smile on her face. Her skills have really improved and she knew the routine. It also helped this was her 2nd year. At the same time of the recital was P's baseball game. Emma's baton part was at the beginning of the recital so Steve raced over to see that and then he and Grandpa Blue House went to the rest of the game. Gma Blue House and I stayed for her tumbling part. E then had a game at 4. The poor thing was pretty tuckered from all the activity, plus she'd been up in the middle of the night! But she was a trooper. She konked out at 7 without an argument.

Saturday - Soccer for noodle in the morning and then P had his Cub Scout picnic where he got promoted to a Wolf Cub. He was so excited I thought he was going to explode. He is already pouring over his Wolf book and looking at all the arrows/points he can earn. Knowing him he will become obsessed with it. He's already talking about one day how he'll been an Eagle Scout. They also flew kites at the picnic (It was very windy!! But they both did great. Those $3 kites from WM rocked! Emma's didn't come down once and she informed us that she is a "Natural Born Kite Flyer." When someone else's kite string broke though and they lost their kite, they panicked and said they were done.

Friday - P had his Olympic Day (Track and Field) at school and I took off work to go. He was uber excited I was there and begged me to stay at school with him all afternoon too. I know one of these days he'll be too embarassed to have his mom around! Olympic Day was only in the morning though and I didn't want to disrupt class in the afternoon. He ran the 100 dash and Mr. Legs won his heat. He's always been a fast kid...obviously getting that from his mother! They don't get ribbons or anything, it's all just for fun. He also did a couple of field events, but when you have bright sun, hundreds of kids in matching shirts, I lost him in the crowds and totally missed them. He doesn't know that though! The thing was extremely disorganized and all the kids were thirsty from running and it was pretty hot on Friday. They had warm Gatorade for the kids but they didn't hand that out till after they ate lunch and gave that to them with their melted ice cream treat. Everyone was sticky! Luckily I had a water bottle rolling around in the van so I hurried out and got it (blocks away). That night then was Miss E's dress rehearsal. Also disorganized! She was supposed to be at 6 and it was 7:30 before we left. Thankfully I brought Gameboys and pretzels to tide them over.

When it rains it pours because also on Monday Emma had her Spring Choir Concert at school. They did Frog and Toad and doing the actions looked to be her favorite part. She was also excited Weds because that was Open House night at her school, so she got to go around see things. Seeing the art room was at the top of her list. Parker also helped with the tour. Rest of the week - the usual flurry of activity - baton, TKD and baseball. I know there are some funny anecdotes to share, but when I wait this long to blog they're gone! I'm on the laptop sitting on the couch with Emma, so later on sometime I'll post a variety of pics from this last week.

I did get some scrappy love. I'll be having some cards and tags in the winter issue of Paper Creations. It's a quarterly magazine. Haven't scrapped since the last crop I went to, but I did tidy up my room a bit while E was snoozing today so I can actually get to the table. Everytime I do that I asked myself why do I keep buying? I have more than enough stuff. I need a 12 step program.....

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