Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Maybe I Can Put The Three Of Them On Freecycle??

Sigh..... I knew things were way too calm before we left for church tonight. Parker was excited on the phone and told me he played trouble and kickball. (The older kids were impressed with how great he could kick!) Emma stayed dry all day at Lauri's.

Then after Steve and I taught choir, I took the kids down to the church basement, so I could check out my Sunday School room. There were a couple people down there, so I'm talking. P disappeared but I figured he was just in the room playing. Nope, couldn't find him anywhere. E and I wondered around for 10 minutes looking for him (the church is not that big) and of course there are a million things going on there tonight that we keep interrupting when we walk thru. Poor little E was trying to help screaming Parker. So long story short very embarassing! Then while I'm walking around outside looking for him, E makes a stinkie. (She did stay dry all day!) We were planning to hit Fareway, but instead we headed home, just in time for bed.

Got the rugrats to bed and then got Chocolate Bosco out. He did the usual excited jumping. He likes to pretend like your arms are chew bones, so I nearly got my shirt ripped. Poor pooch, he just gets so happy. He loves to play fetch. He did go over and steal Creighton's chew toy, thankfully this time I got it out of his mouth before he destroyed it like he did with Creighton's leash.

The sun will come out tomorrow....

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