Friday, November 30, 2007

Lethal Weapons

Parker has been doing TKD for a few weeks now. He's been bugging us that he wants a robe ($30), but we've kind of put him off since my plan is to have him do this just during the winter to give him something to do. (He gets bummed when there is nothing on the calendar for the week - he's Type A like me). You can also test them at the end of the sessions ($40), but I think our plan is to have him go thru the beginner class again (sans robe). There are a million things they need to be able to do just to get the yellow belt and I don't think he's there yet. Anyway, Steve went yesterday and even thought I've been to almost every one, I miss the big doings last night. He broke a board with his foot! It took a few tries, but I guess he was beaming when it happened and everyone cheered. Of course no pics of it either! I'm afraid now he's going to run around trying to karate chop everything.

The biggest news of yesterday was that I got a new niece and P and E got a new cousin...a girl even! The girls are slowly gaining ground on numbers. Lauryn Alyse is her name. Very cute with lots of dark hair. We probably won't see her for a few weeks, but I'm sure the kids will be all over her. Especially since they have been asking alot lately, when will there be another baby in my tummy? (The answer is no!)

This may be TMI, but I'll share anyway since it was funny. Yesterday I was in the bathroom downstairs ironing my shirt for work (it's also the laundry room) and Parker bursts in and says very seriously, "Mom, why are you always wearing your boobs?" (He meant bra.)

Tonight after an interesting day at work, we went to a hockey game tonight. I had won Club Seats/parking at the last crop I went too. Club seats also mean free beer! I think we also could have eaten dinner there free, but by the time we got there after work and dropping the kids off at the neighbors we were too late. With tickets, parking and beer, we figured it was at least $100 worth of free stuff. Can't beat that.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to a crop about 3 miles from here. The weather is supposed to get bad so we'll see what happens. Plus I still haven't packed. I'm tired though so that'll have to wait till morning. Actually though I really haven't unpacked since the last crop on the 17th so I may just pick up and go. Of course this means I haven't made anything lately since my tote is still in the garage....

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