Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm Hideous Look Away!

P and E love commercials. Of course that's because they see all these new toys and want to hit WM immediately. They also like those mini infomercials. They always seem to think someone in the family needs it. Anything with scissors is for mommy and her scrappin. The other day they were watching one for a skin cream. Emma informed me that I should really get some of that because it will take away all the spots on my face and even the red ones (moles) on my neck. Was I going to order it?

Parker is really growing up and it makes me a little sad. He can now take a shower by himself. That includes turning the water on, soaping up and washing his own hair. I was totally clueless he could do this and Steve informed me he's been able to do it for awhile. When it my turn for bath night, I put them in the tub since they have such a great time in there. Of course they really don't fit anymore, but they will play in there for an hour if you let them. Of course most of there conversations anymore involved butts so it's probably time to split them up.

Both were home today with fevers. There must be something going around since a bunch of people at work were out too with sick kiddos. If they are sick tomorrow I'm on duty. They seemed pretty good tonight, but still very congested. Emma took a huge nap, but of course no sleeping out of Parker.

I'll be glad when February is reality TV! There is nothing on right now. And of course my trip to the city that never sleeps is coming up!

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