Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ask and You Shall Be Answered

Parker is becoming a bit more of the usual 7 year old. Arguing with us more and not listening as much. I still can't complain though most of the time. Going to his Cub Scouts meeting and seeing some of the kids running around and the parents doing nothing, makes me appreciate him even more! Anyway we have begun some home improvement projects around the house (ok Steve has). Our house is 30 years old and most stuff still seem original so it's time for some new stuff before the whole house falls apart. Plus all of this snow, rain, wind, melting we've had has wrecked havoc on the outside. The first job is new tile in the kitchen, entry way and around the woodburning stove. Steve was grouting yesterday and Parker kept walking on it and he kept getting cussed. Steve finally asked him, "How many times do I have to tell you now to do that?" Very seriously P answered. "I know it was less than 50."

Lets see what else has been happening around here. I haven't felt quite tip top the last few days. Or maybe it's like Wayne from Wayne's World. "I thought I had mono once, but it turned out I was just really, really bored." Plus being back in the real world after having a few days in Vegas, it takes you a bit to get your bearings back. I know I promised some pictures! I promise I'll get to it. I'm horrible about doing anything with the camera - this includes taking decent pictures, cleaning them up, resizing, emailing, getting printed etc.

We've just been busy with the usualy kids stuff. Plus I was extra busy with work this week. P has been working hard on his yellow belt (He is so obsessed with TKD) and E has been a creating maniac. I just am amazed at what she draws and creates. I'll try to get some of that posted soon too. Got the official word she's in year round school for K this summer. P has intersession the next two weeks at school.

I got some exciting news on Friday. I got a couple layouts picked up for Memory Makers Readers Idea Book. They kept bouncing back while I was in Vegas so I was afraid I'd missed the deadline. One is about my Grandma Gert (who passed away last summer) and so I am especially excited about that one. Of course in scrap mag world time this won't be out till later in 2008. I wasn't very creative in February, although I did finally clean up my scrap room and even vaccummed, so I need to get back at in March. I didn't get much picked up in February, but I need to get some new stuff done in order to get a chance to get something picked! (Alhtough the pages I got picked up I made probably 6 months ago plus) Going to a couple crops in March so that will help too!

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