Sunday, June 01, 2008

What a Zoo!

I was a little nervous, but the zoo trip went flawlessly! Each parent was put in charge of 4 kids and we had about an hour and a half to tour the zoo. They were so good that I even treated them to food for the fish. You couldn't have asked for nicer weather. No rain and no excessive heat. That probably helped the fact that I thought the trip was a success! The weather stayed nice and so Parker had his game that night.

Friday was fun night at the zoo, but we ended up having fun night at home (after I figured it'd be $6 in gas) and after pizza we kicked the soccer ball around for awhile. Then Emma got distracted looking for bugs and worms in the water in the ditch. Later she did want to play again and wanted us to try to hit her with the soccer ball. This could have gone horribly wrong, but didn't. I think her logic was that she was wearing a bike helmet.

Saturday involved a kite incident. They were both flying their kites in the yard and suddenly Emma comes into the house hysterical. Her My Little Pony Kite had flown away. Steve said it was long gone. My some Christmas miracle it dropped across the road and Steve was able to rescue it. He had also made Emma a Furby bus. (She was getting Furbies out of the prize bucket last week). He built it and Emma decorated it. He was a lot higher on the totem pole than me that day!

Today the kids were able to go swimming at a church friend's house. We screened them up, but apparently not well enough. P's back is crispy and he has red coon eyes. Emma isn't quite so bad, but is red too. I don't think either of them are in pain though (Emma would have let us know I'm sure) so hopefully there isn't any blistering or peeling. I am a sunscreen maniac because of their fair skin. Glad we didn't let them in much longer! Tomorrow is her preschool graduation so hopefully her red coon eyes don't get any worse for pics!

They also made cards for their teachers tonight to give them tomorrow since it's the last day of school for both. Emma has two teachers and luckily she had already started on one a couple of weeks ago. She takes forever! She is a product heavy scrapper and has a vision. Everything has to be just so. Parker is more of a simple scrapper. Title and one embellishment (button). They also wanted to give their teachers pez so that is also included in the card. I'm sure they'll be thrilled!

Figured I'd better get posting since I'll have grad pics to post tomorrow.

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