Sunday, April 27, 2008

Under the Weather

I must be because I actually cleaned out the van today (this included dusting and vacuuming). I even put a tub in the back to hold various kid gear. I also did some stuff around the house. The house is of course still in disarray, but since we are getting new carpet soon I'm even more lax. Plus why bother dusting when putting in new carpet will kick up dust anyway! Not sure what my excuse for the rest of the house is. Still haven't won the we need to have a housecleaner argument with Steve....

I survived the extremely long, cold, windy, whiny (Emma) that were baseball pictures on Saturday for both kids. I was in a slightly foul mood as well since I drove all the way into town before that for E's soccer only to find out it was canceled once I got there. At $3.45/gallon for a gas that was not sweet!

I even got their bags and gear packed up for school tomorrow and their activities. Crazy night on Monday and I'm actually prepared!

Thoughts on BB: Since day 1 I kind of figured he would win. It's like I have a 6th sense about stupid stuff like that. If I could only use these super powers for good? I was sooooo tired of Sheila whining about money and about Adam all season. She didn't deserve to be in the final 2 anyway. She hadn't done a darn thing! Besides be carried by Adam. Even if she'd been in the final 2 she wouldn't have won anyway. I thought it was funny Ryan only got 1 vote. One reality show down, one to go (Survivor). Although I have been watching reruns of Top Chef and have to admit I'm hooked. I won't admit to some other reality shows that have caught my eye....too embarassing to admit.

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