Friday, April 11, 2008

April Showers Bring May Flowers???

Sigh.... well at least the snow has stopped (I guess there was a touch of it last week), but not the rain has taken it's place. Of course on my way home yesterday it starts downpouring and I can't see anything. By the time I get home the sun is coming out. Baseball practice was cancelled tonight and tomorrow, a game was cancelled and their opening ceremonies tomorrow were cancelled. This did lighten up the load tomorrow, but the poor kids aren't getting to do much at all yet with Little League. Tomorrow we have E's baton/tumbling pics in the morning (of course I'm starting to stress about getting her hair to look decent in a pony tail and hoping she'll be in a good mood) and P has his orange belt test for TKD tomorrow afternoon. He is beyond excited! I'm pretty sure he'll pass, I know he'll be crushed if he doesn't.

Tonight is Friday Fun Night. Often Fun Nights happen when daddy is gone, because Mommy is a lot more lax on things. Today he is home, but we're still being lax! This involved favorite foods for supper (pizza, mac/cheese) on their TV trays in front of the TV while they watch Sponge Bob. Later they'll probably have a sleep over in one of their rooms. For an "appeteazer" (to quote Michael from The Office) Emma had bologna/celery/apple chops and Parker had carrot/chesse/apple chops. "Chops" are something Emma came up. She like to get things cut up small and then all mixed together. Celery chops are her favorite.

Didn't realize I hadn't blogged all week. Can't even remember what happened, but I know we were busy with the usual. I did get an email today from Paper Crafts and had 3 cards picked up for their Card Creations Vol. 6 that will be out later this year. I was just hoping for I'm very excited! There are some other calls ending next week so we'll see if I get any more love. March was pretty loveless! This CREATE sign I made earlier this week using some more of my Rusty Pickle Pirate Princess. I'm not sure if I'm totally in love with how this came out...I'm not loving the jewels and buttons I put on the e's, so we'll see if I change it a bit. Sorry for the poor quality photo...with all this rain...can't get outside to take a pic!

Fundraising Blurb: I think most of you that read the blog I've already emailed, but she is selling pizza cards for her baton school. It's Casey's pizza and if you buy a large you get a medium 1 topping free. There are 10 punches for this"deal" and it's $10, so basically the medium pizza costs you $1 (10 medium pizzas for $10 total). If anyone is interested let me know. Thanks!


Sherry Wright said...

Love this, perfect for a creative space! Your kids are adorable and huge congrats on the PC requests x3.. wtg!!

Cassie said...

this is awesome! i have one of these that says "believe". I haven't covered it yet b/c I can't quite figure out how to trace the letter...with the base in the way. Any tips?