Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia

The Hansens were awakened by the thunderstorm this morning. Actually I probably would have slept thru it...but everyone else woke up so I guess I was awake then too. Then about 5:30am Steve realizes the electricity is off. I knew Parker would figure this out in a few minutes. He is obsessed with the clock in his room (we tell him he can't get up before 6:00 most days), so of course when he woke up and it was dark, he came in to let us know. Shortly after that Emma starts screaming. "I don't have a nightlight!" So at 5:30 we were all awake. I am NOT a morning person. They laid in bed with me for about 5 minutes before they got bored. They start talking about Cooper and how he can see in the dark (Cooper seems much better btw) and Parker says very seriously, "I wish I was a cat so I could see in the dark. Then I would be a famous Half Human!" Emma then says she would need to be a grey cat if she was a Half Human. They quickly get bored and head downstairs and then play with flashlights and eat unheated waffles. They loved that there wasn't any electricity. As Steve said - they haven't figured out that every morning it's this dark if you don't turn the lights on! I was waiting to see if I would be going to work or not (yes I could shower, but the rest of me would be disheveled) but alas around 7:00 the lights came back on. The kids were disappointed. So was mommy!

I forgot to mention on Sunday afternoon since the weather was so nice the kids decided to have a "fiesta" outside. They asked if they could have snacks at it and I said sure. Next thing I know they have every snack box out there. Not sure how much junk they ate, but hey it's a fiesta! We had also opened up Squawkers the parrot (got him on clearance for $12, originally $50 - thanks Roni!) so he was the main guest at the fiesta. Of course then the weather yesterday was yucky which meant today (after the storm) it was nice again.

Tuesday is generally our activity-free night, so the kids got their bikes out tonight. Parker has been without his wheels for awhile and to be honest it scares me a little how fast he can go. Emma insisted she didn't need wheels either. This meant Steve did a lot of pushing tonight! She is starting to figure it out so she was uber excited. I attached a video of one of her runs. Of course there was a couple of crashes, but she got right back on. Poor thing. Her rash came back today and was all over her arms. Luckily school pics were done yesterday! It basically looks like hives. It can last up to 2 weeks and is aggravated by sun and heat. I have some skin cream that seems to be helping with the itching.

Forgot to comment on my reality TV from last week - BB and Survivor were actually good last week. I was so glad to see Natatas and Ozzie go!

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