Saturday, April 12, 2008

O-R-A-N-G-E....or is that M-O-U-S-E??

It's official...he's an orange belt! Steve and I were in awe to watch him. He's one of the youngest ones there and he is so intense. He has been waiting for his test all week. The promotion ceremony is next Thursday so I'm hoping to get some pics. I posted a couple mini videos I took on my digital camera (he's in the middle on the left). Of course I took a bunch more that were better, but I forgot and held my camera vertically so you'd have to tip your head sideways to them! Whatever activity he's in he really does try his best. And he's loved everything he's ever done. I was thinking by this age he'd start not liking some things, so we could start weeding out some of the activities, but apparently that isn't the case yet. He is type A like me though and I think he likes being active.

Took Miss Noodle this morning for her dance pics. Of course I misjudged how long it'd take for us to get ready so we raced to the studio like a couple of crazy people. We were still 10 minutes early so not sure why I ended up getting so spazzed to get there. Her baton costumes are adorable - pink and grey mice, complete with ears and a tail. Of course she wouldn't let me take her pic, so I'll post what I did manage to get. From what I can tell all her professional pics turned out good. Her tumbling outfit is pretty basic since you really can't somersault with animal ears! (to see bigger pics, double click on them)

I must say I'm one lucky mom. They put up with my craziness, they are the best of friends, love to play together and watch out for each other. They are two great kids!

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