Friday, April 25, 2008

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow!

Emma has been mentioning for the last couple weeks she wants her hair cut. She was in desperate need of a trim, but she wanted to get her hair cut like mommy. (Shoulder length). Mommy is actually in desperate need of a cut too. Anyway, we haven't had time to get in. We did try on Wednesday, but there was a 45 minute wait (we go to Cost the kids love that they get a toy there), so today Steve was able to get her in. He was home this afternoon and I told him if they did go take pics. He did! I didn't get the greatest post cut pics tonight (she kept striking different poses including some with a flower, so I had a hard time getting a regular hair shot), but all I can say is wow, she looks a lot older. I was afraid of that happening. She tends to look older people are really going to be thinking I have a set of twins! She was so proud of herself for getting it cut. Even though Mommy was a little sad on the inside, I have to admit it's very cute! Plus with summer coming it will feel 10 lbs lighter for her. Also included one of all the missing hair. We looked into Locks of Love, but her hair wasn't long enough.

Baseball is now in full swing including team pics tomorrow. Tis the season for chaos!

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