Wednesday, April 02, 2008

You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile!

Parker is a "bit" of a serious child. Once he warms up he can be silly and goofy and his teachers said he is so funny and laughs alot. But when he doesn't know people or someone is trying to be funny and he doesn't understand he can get a pretty stern look on his face when people talk to him. Last night he was worked up that someone named Cooper (meow!) on the bus or at the bus stop (I think it's an adult helper) keeps telling him to smile. He said, "Mom, I didn't want to smile and he keeps telling me too." I could tell it was bothering him. I figure it's not call-the-school worthy though...what do you say? Excuse me, but quit telling my kid to smile! He also very serious during his TKD, but there you are supposed to be, so I guess half the time in life he's right on the money!

Miss E is busy with dance camp after school this week. It's pre-k thru 6th grade so I imagine it's pretty much mass chaos. The big performance is on Friday. I feel so bad that she missed cheer camp when she was sick, so I'm glad she's getting to do this. She's pretty excited. She also got 2 high fives today (it's a little award for being helpful, nice, etc) and so she got something out of the treasure box. A cool little black and pink wallet. It matches the black and pink baseball shoes I just bought her...also very adorable :-) She put her childsafe ID, a movie rental card, an old insurance card and some bill dollars in there so she is ready to take on the world! She also informed me that I shouldn't call Parker honey, because that is what I call her and that I should call him Bud. That way she won't get confused about who I'm talking to...duly noted!

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