Sunday, April 06, 2008

God Given Talents

The other night I overheard Parker and Emma talking. Emma says, "Look Parker. I can burp whenever I want to." I listen and yes she can! She is going to make some boy very happy one day! Parker says, "That's not fair. I can't burp like that." Emma says, "Don't worry Parker, we all have different talents. You can fart and I can't." So he gets all excited and proceeds to do the hand/cheek fart over and over and gives Emma suggestions. It's so nice they are there for each other!

Been really busy with kid stuff and it's only going to get worse now that baseball is starting. He's got a couple more TKD classes before he tests for the orange belt. I was trying to decide if he was ready, but he's doing a lot of the stuff better than the current orange belts, so I think we'll go ahead. Of course the test is on Saturday in DM, when we also have a tball game, dance pictures, Emma's tball practice and opening ceremonies for both of their baseball teams. Waiting to hear when the test is, but logistically I think we'll be ok. We just won't be home on Saturday!

Emma rocked it at her dance camp recital on Friday night. I've included some mini videos I took of the camera. (she's on the left, 2nd one back with all the hair) I was busy doing that so I didn't get much for still pics. (I also included a pic from P's cub scout banquet the other week)Later after it was over I was talking with a friend of mine and Emma disappeared. Finally found her out in the middle of the gym with a few other kids rocking it to the music that was blaring over the speakers. It's a little scary how a 5 year can already shake her booty like that. I hope Steve didn't see much of it!

Happy to report that Bosco didn't eat my latest package I got from Paper Crafts. It also helps that we were home when it Even got a few extra scrap goodies in the package including some new Zach's bike and other cool goodies I know I'll use.

The weather warmed up this weekend so the kids got to spend some time outside. I debated with sunscreen, but ended up not putting any on them. I am paranoid with the sunscreen and so I felt bad when P ended up with some pink on his neck and E had pink hands. The weird part is their faces were still pasty white...not sure how that works? It wasn't a bad burn or anything, but apparently it's already time to start lathering up.

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