Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pleading the Fifth

It seems there has been a constant stream of health-type notes going home in the kids back backs all winter. The flu season is finally over, strep throat has hit pretty hard and then there are always the lice scares. The latest now is Fifth's Disease. Well Miss E has it. (I'm glad to report we've missed the throat and lice stuff!) Fifth's sounds way worse than it is. She came home Friday with extremely blotchy cheeks. (They say Fifth's is also called slapped-cheek disease and judging from the way her cheeks looked, I totally agree). Of course guess who has school pictures tomorrow??? By this afternoon it was mostly gone, but this morning when she sang at the Sunday School program she was super blotchy. She isn't contagious, basically by the time they kids get the red cheeks they aren't contagious anymore. We'll see if P gets it. He's been battling a sore nose. I wouldn't say it's a cold or anything, I'm guessing it's allergies and it's making his nose look pretty gross. Luckily his school pics were a few weeks ago.

The sickies are also affecting Steve (the usual head/nose/sinus stuff) and poor Mister Cooper. I didn't see him till after 5 today...which for Cooper that's even a long time to stay hidden/napping. He's 13 years old and so he's not a youngster anymore. I'm thinking he maybe has an infected tooth or gum problem. We'll get him into the vet to see. He was very snuggly tonight though, but I don't think he's eating a whole lot....probably because it hurts. Of course this will mean that we'll need to "drug" him before he goes...since he has panic attacks issues at the vets office. I've actually been very healthy most of the winter, besides my moody back and neck. And even that lately has been cooperating for the most part. Sorry this post ended up being a medical report!

Yesterday was cold and dreary and E had soccer and tball back to back in the morning. With it being damp and dreary I figured she'd be a handful, but she actually did great. I couldn't get her to keep her sweatshirt sleeve out of her mouth, but at least she wasn't whining. In the pics she's in the grey outfit and of course you can't miss the hair. Soccer is 4 and 5 year olds (there was a lot of crying which was starting to irritate her) and tball is 5 and 6 year olds. She's the token girl.

They had their Sunday School program this morning. Poor P woke up with a bad stomache (he never complains about feeling sick so I knew it was for real. Miss E had a tummy ache the day before but with her everyday is an ache or pain so hard to tell) and after he slept a little longer he woke up and felt better so we were able to get in for the program after all. In the movies Emma is in the pink on the right and Parker is in the white/blue shirt on bottom row in the middle. Peyton is nearby in the blue shirt.

That ends this evenings report on the boring details of the Hansen family...Good night!

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