Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cheaper By the Dozen

ETA: Now there are only will be in the Paper Crafts Card Creations 6 magazine.

I ended up averaging one card an hour during the crop yesterday. I didn't win much, but feel like I got a lot done (for me). I was even happy with how they all turned out and managed to get a little natural light outside today when I took the pictures. It was little windy though so a couple kept blowing over into a leaf pile. If you want to see a bigger pic, just click on it.

After the crop the gang even went out for a margarita to celebrate Steph's bday. I will be posting that embarassing picture another time!

Parker also got his Tiger Scout badge this weekend at his Blue and Gold banquet and he was pretty excited about it. He's wanting it attached to his shirt asap...that is daddy's department!

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