Monday, March 31, 2008

Stupid Is As Stupid Does...

I've really been oozing stupidity the last day or so.

Example #1: Get to church yesterday, walk in and sit on the side right in front of everyone. Luckily I move us to a different pew when everyone stood up so people wouldn't see all the "gear" the kids spread all of the pew because later I look down and Emma has a huge paper name tag stuck to her shirt. It's all disheveled since it went thru the washer and dryer. By some miracle (yeah church!) I was able to get it off. I think that's the first time I've ever been able to get one of those name label things off after it meets the dryer. Also lucky that I noticed this before we went up for the blessing. I can't have people thinking the "first lady" at church isn't organized and can't keep the kidlets spiffy. Litle do they know...ha, ha, ha.

Example #2: It was pouring this morning. I find the kids' Care Bear and Spiderman umbrellas and don't bother to think that I might need one. I forgot that when I drop Emma off at school we have to walk outside for a bit...oops! I didn't think it was fair to hog a 5 year old's umbrella, so I flung my bright pink coat over my head and ran (I'm sure I looked graceful like a gazelle). I really hope the principal wasn't in his office or he would have seen my attempt at running.

Example #3: I lost my cart at Walmart tonight. I was apparently so busy trying to keep my brain busy so that it wouldn't make me buy Chex Mix, that when I went to go get something probably 10 aisles away, I just left the cart there. Then I acted like I knew exactly where my cart was without looking obvious that I had no idea where it was. Then I was paranoid I had pushed someone else's cart instead and that half of the stuff I just got was in there instead. Then I wondered if maybe someone had taken it to play a trick. Finally I retraced my steps and there it was in the jeans section.

Another comment on the Chex Mix - I have a terrible addiction to it. That could explain some of the giggle in my wiggle. Anyway Parker is at his Tiger Scouts meeting the other night and they are learning about the food pyramid. One of the foods is Chex Mix and they are to figure out where it goes. Parker yells out so EVERYONE could hear. "My mom always eats the whole bag of the Chex Mix!"

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Marnie said...

Ryan lives on chex mix and milk. My mom reminds me that the cereal in it is fortified - so really it's a health food.