Friday, March 21, 2008

Naked Butts and Naked Feet

No I'm not talking about the Vegas trip. Although I promise sometime I will actually post some pics and some more funny stories about our doings while we were there.

We got our new fridge tonight. I finally have a fridge with the ice/water thingy in the door. I'm hoping this will help me to drink water. I'm horrible about drinking it and if I do actually drink something during the day it's usually pop or milk. The kids are little water drinking maniacs (remember pop is too spicy for them...sweet) and so we'll have to give them a "how-to" lesson on how to run it. Now that they are a little older this hopefully won't go horribly wrong. I say this because tonight Emma managed to ruin my wicker hamper by falling thru the side of it. It's like mom knew something like that might happen when I kept saying, "You don't play in the hamper."

P does a shower now so he went up after supper to take one and I hear him yelling for me. He's stark naked and says"Something just scared the pants right off of me." I have to admit I chuckled out loud. Since the water had been turned off, when turned on the shower it made a weird sound and the water didn't come out right away.

Other happenings this week included me battling one of my demons - naked feet! Ick! Last night was Maundy Thursday at church and they asked if the Hansen family would be one of the family to go up and get their feet washed. Steve is prez this year so we get to do lots of "things." I'm the "first lady" so I can't make him look bad so I say ok. It didn't go as bad as expected and I survived. It wasn't like our feet were shown up on a huge Jumbotron while they poured water on them. Whew! Parker looked so grown up doing it.

I also got to meet Cooper's namesake this week. My friend at work had twin boys on Tuesday and one she named Cooper. He was the more active one so I can see he's taking after my Coop. Hopefully he doesn't bite like mine does! Both babes were very cute!

Heading back home for Easter on Sunday with double meals as usual. There are also double Easter egg hunts and it's generally mass chaos, so of course lots of fun!

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