Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Losing Time

As with most families I'm sure, we are trying to get everyone adjusted to the time change. It's like Parker knew it was coming because he had been getting up by 5 every morning for the last week or so. One day I guess it was even 4, but he said he just read a book since no one else was up yet. Of course then last night night he crashed and was extremely emotional. Today my sweet Parker is back! Had Emma's PT Conference last night. Of course glowing comments! She is a little reading maniac and now tries to spell everything too. We also discussed how she is very much a perfectionist especially about her art and that she sometimes will freak out about it if something isn't quite right on it and she'll want to start over. I hope she lightens up a bit! Parker is also very serious about things, but miraculously not really a perfectionist.

Let's see what else has happened since I haven't posted in almost a week! Got the kids signed up for their summer/fall parks and rec stuff... The programs are cheap, but the $ does add up...ouch! They were able to get outside this weekend since it was pretty nice out and even ride their bikes (in the garage). It was in the 50's today here and I thought Emma was going to explode she was so excited. Plus our roads actually weren't even that muddy. Guess we've just been busy with the usual kid stuff. When I don't post, I forget what happens!

If anyone happens to see the April/May issue of Paper Crafts that just came out (I think WM might carry them besides scrap stores), on page 9 there is an advertisement for one of their special issues and it's my black and white picture frame in it.

Time to kiss the kidlets for bedtime and then settle down to watch BB. I already cheated though and looked to see what happened. Boring season in my opinion! (Too much reality TV on right now...it's seriously cutting into scrap time. Plus I have a TV in my scrap room, but it's just not the same!)

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