Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wash Me!

Ok. The van has been splattered with mud forever, but at least you could tell what color it was. Our road had a bunch of mud spots again today and half the time I forget about them and they about pull me in to the ditch. Lauri was sick today so I picked up P from the bus. I had the "brilliant" idea to go a different way to pick up Emma from school. The road initially looked really great. As soon as I discovered it was too late to turn back, I hit mud, mud and more mud. I knew that if I let up on the gas at all I was stuck in the muck. I told P to be quiet, I tried not to hypervenilate and tried not to think about the fact that Steve is over an hour north of here right now. Luckily this gravel is not heavily traveled since I was all over the road. Plus parts of the road were only one lane because of the snow on the sides. Someone was looking down on me today because I managed to get thru it. At one time mud splashed so hard on my windshield I had to slam on my brakes to get it clean enough to see. (Luckily I stopped on a dry spot). I have cussed the van on a number of occasions (i.e. the numerous flat tires, the moody automatic doors and dashboard warning buttons), but she came thru today. When the kids and I went into town later for TKD and I had a church meeting, we went the usual more brilliant ideas from me tonight! Plus by then the road had hardened (frozen) up a bit. I had to stop at the gas station to squeegee off the side windows and headlights so I could see when it got dark. (That's the second squeegee stop of the week). I was mortified that I was driving this. I broke down and did a quick rinse on the way home at the car wash. We'll see if I can open my doors tomorrow! P.S. My van is usually blue.

Today was Wacky Socks Wednesday for Emma. (They celebrate the birthday of Dr. Suess at school). She wore funky striped tights and looked like Pippi Longstocking. (I told her that and of course she had no idea who I was talking about). And as usual I forgot to take a picture! Maybe I'll dress her up another time just for the pic. Of course when we left daycare today she was in the best mood and even moving quickly and tripped on the sidewalk in her shoes boots and wiped out. She fell right on her hands and knees and I can't believe her hands weren't bloody. She ripped holes in the tights and all she ended up with was a tiny bloodless scrape...which of course required a bandaid and strawberry milk.

My thoughts on Big Brother... duh, like you didn't know that "surprise" was going to happen.

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