Friday, March 14, 2008

Crop till you Drop

Heading to a crop tomorrow with the usual gang. I already know how it'll go! I'll bring way too much stuff, only get a couple things done and Steph will win a bunch of prizes!!

The kids left tonight to stay with G and G Blue House and G and G White House until Monday. Was a little worried they wouldn't be able to go (they were very excited), because Emma woke up under the weather this morning. I guess strep was going around at school and we didn't know if that's what she had. I looked up the symptoms and she didn't have a one of them. After a couple of hours she perked up and ate non-stop for the rest of the day and was feeling awesome. I think maybe she had some drainage issues that made her sick to her stomach? Who knows?

Thursday night took P to TKD with Emma in tow. Emma of course made new friends with a litle girl there and her Polly Pockets and Emma Pets got along fabulously. Parker is just LOVING his TKD and gets so excited and intense about it. Mommy is generally pretty laid back, but I'm a little stressed about the fact that he now needs a mouth guard and a nard guard since they spar (fight). What???? He's 7!!!!!

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