Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Hoppin' Good Time!

Sunday was a whirlwind of Easter activity for the Hansens. Saturday actually was a little bit too. We colored eggs (even glittered some - not as messy as I anticipated) and then they each had to write notes to the Easter Bunny - one on the front door letting him know to come in and one on the fridge letting him know the eggs were in there. Since we woke to a dusting of snow on Sunday morning and the fact that we had to be at church by 8:00 and it was still freezing out, the bunny left them a note with their baskets telling them he hid them inside. They had fun with that and checked out their baskets. E got some Puppies in Your Pockets (her new fave toy for the week) and P got some Pokemon characters. They really aren't big candy lovers (besides gum) so E. Bunny goes light on the sweets and heavy on the plastics.

After church we headed to G and G Blue Houses for dinner. After eating Emma proceeds to fall asleep...sigh... We couldn't stay super long so we woke her up, let her get over being crabby and then headed outside to the freezing winds to go on another egg hunt. At the Blue House, the bunny leaves clues all over the yard leading them to their baskets at the end. After the hunt we quickly went back inside!

Mid afternoon we headed to G and G White House for supper and yet another egg hunt. Emma once again gets tired and I'm worried she's going to nod off. (They were up WAY too early that morning to see if the Easter bunny had been to our house). We usually try to go the egg hunt outside, but it was still freezing and most of the kids are pretty little so we did it inside. We proceeded to hide 100's of plastic eggs all over the house. There were so many that you ran out of places to hide them.

Later we headed back home and of course since the kids had school in the morning and were already tired from a busy weekend, they wouldn't fall asleep on the way home. Last week they didn't have school because of Spring Break and so Monday was a "wee bit" hard getting them up. I think they are both still a little tired. Monday we jumped back into kids stuff - E had baton and P had a Cub Scout meeting. Thank goodness nothing tonight...Mommy is pooped..although I'm still up way past my bedtime, but what's new?

Here are some pics from Easter...enjoy! (and of course couldn't get the kids to let me take their pics all spiffed up for church)

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