Friday, June 13, 2008

4 Band-aids, 3 Stickers, 8 Sticky Lizards and 4 Chicken Nuggets Later...

The Kindergarten shots are done! From what I hear there was a bit of crying for dramatic affect, but after a trip to Walmart all was well! I'm sure it hurt and she did go around for the rest of the day and say, "But Daddy, it's my special day!" (meaning I get what I want today) She was promised a small toy at WM and Parker knew he wouldn't get one. Emma insisted he get one too though because it wasn't fair to him. They both picked really cheap items, so Daddy caved. Emma picked Sticky Lizards from the party decor section. $1.88...sweet! Of course a couple sticky lizards are already missing. Nothing at our house stays with all pieces attached for long. They also went to BK for lunch and all the kids there learned all about their new toys and Emma's 4 Band-aids. Also learned that Emma was big for her age, but that came as no shock to us. 100 percentile for height and 93 percent for weight, so guess that means her junk in her trunk is gone!

As for the flooding around here, in our area it's fine. Weather has been nice the last couple of days and all the baseball and soccer has gone on as planned. They were evacuating downtown today, but alas we had to stay at work the entire time. Only part of our building and all our parking was in the evacuation zone, so therefore it was a no go on the leaving early. I guess the police/gov't were telling everyone to leave. Of course we would need those cars and open roads to get home, but I guess that would have been our own problem if the water came earlier than expected! Plus hey it's Friday, we want to leave early :-) Nothing happened though and my drive home was uneventful...whew! A number of people are getting flooded out here and across the state, so that is very sad.

On the scrappy front, I got a card picked up for Paper Crafts - Quick and Easy issue today. Here is also a link to another of their special issues that just came out that I have two items in - a headband and an altered pencil cup. Paper Crafting With Kids

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