Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Water Logged

It rains, it stops, it rains, it stops. This has caused a lot of flooding all over the state. Where we live is up higher and we don't have a basement, so we've been water free so far. I work downtown and last night the media was whipping everyone into a frenzy about downtown possibly flooding this week. (The media is so excited about this flood stuff, I swear some of them might wet their pants soon...I find media generally irritating on most stories). I work about 5 blocks from the river. During the Flood of 93 the lower part of our building was under water. Of course that got my brain thinking this morning and was trying to figure out where to park. I normally park in the garage, but if we suddenly needed to leave it would take hours to get out since we'd be leaving at once and I do NOT want to be stranded at work! If I parked on the surface lot I could get to my car, but it might under water or we could get hail. I was lazy and parked in the garage. About noon they showed pictures of Court Avenue (right next to the river) flooding. A friend and I walked down a couple hours later (trying to stay off TV, cameras were everywhere) and everything was dry as a bone. We missed the 5 minutes of flooding! I must admit the news people did a good job of playing that up! I posted some pics from the bridge and there are also some street lights under water in one of the pics. You are supposed to stay off the bridge, but I see some people are being rockstar parents and taking their kids out on it...duh! There has been a lot of flooding on my way to work, but I never think to take a picture. A lot of that is going down, but it sounds like more rain in predicted.

In other news, the kids are having a good time home with daddy this week. Tomorrow Emma goes for her Kindergarten shots...I know there will be drama!!! I know she'll end up talking him out of a treat or something. They also tried to trap dad yesterday. Instead of using tape though, they used push pins. Luckily Steve stepped on some that were point down. The kids had put their shoes on, so they were thinking. I believe this was also taken from Tom and Jerry. Mr. Mean Daddy quickly put an end to the trap!

Tomorrow is my 2nd Pilates class...I think I have a death wish!

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