Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Now I Can Retire!

I'm a powerball pool with the girls in my department. 10 of us are in on it. I know we won't win, but I pay my $5 a month more as security, because with my luck they would win and I'd be left out and have to keep going to work while the rest of them didn't! We won $100 last week and so I'll live large on my cut...sweet!

Had Miss E's graduation yesterday. There were 40 kids altogether. Of course I thought she looked adorable. The associate is also a photographer so she made the neatest personalized printed digital scrapbooks of what they did this year at school. I also really liked her teacher and I know Emma had fun. Especially with having so many boys in her class :-) I know she'll be sad about not seeing them again until she gets a whole new crop of playmates in Kindergarten. She is also excited about riding the bus (believe me, the novelty wears off). They start back on July 9th, so we only have about a month left. Within that month we'll have VBS, a bunch of baseball, a very busy 4th of July and a week home with dad because of no daycare. We're not planning to take a vacation, but we're hoping to get to Adventureland sometime before school starts.
Parker also had his last day of school yesterday and he called it a party day. I didn't get a lot of info out of him about it, but he excited about being a second grader, because he hears they get homework. He also told Emma he'd help her on the bus and at school if she needed it. We had horrible rain here this morning and it sounds like more the rest of the week. We are supposed to go on a Cub Scouts fishing trip Friday night so we'll see what happens!

It was also our 13th anniversary today and I got a dozen roses at work today. I had even checked yesterday and we weren't getting each other anything. I even forgot to give him his card this morning. I was really suprised because I'm not one of those girls who require flowers on a normal basis...plus I'm a cheapskate! In this case though he's forgiven :-)

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Heather said...

Happy Anniversary Jen(and steve lol)!