Thursday, June 26, 2008

We'll Throw Those In For Free!

The other night we noticed something on the tile in the kitchen , but I figured it was a leaf, dirt or something else the kids' shoes brought in. No, there were at least a half dozen baby toads. They were maybe the size of a dime. We didn't quite have all of the trim put back on by the slider door yet and they must have just hatched and come in a tiny hole. I'm not scared of those kinds of things, but I was extremely paranoid I wouldn't see one and then would step on it. We thought we found all we could, but alas the great grey hunter found one. He was staring at something later in the family room and there was a baby toad by the Littlest Pet Shop (apparently looking for Emma's frog). He totally blended in with the carpet. Who knows how many escaped, but I can't imagine you could find much to live on in here! Oh wait...I forgot about all the food crumbs that seem to end up under the couch. They'll wait and get big and then if we decide to list our house, they'll make an appearance at an open house! 4 bedroom 3 bath house, toads included!

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