Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Sixth Sense

It just keeps raining. Although I guess it hasn't rained in over 24 hours so that's good, although more is predicted. There are a number of areas flooding. I went up to register Emma for dance today and the highway I take was flooded over so I had to take a more scenic route to get there. I am also seeing water where I've never seen before when I drive to work. I need to remember my camera! I guess this is one time I'm glad I don't have a basement or it'd probably be wet. Now when the tornado comes and gets us, I'll be singing a different tune.

We had baseball 4 nights this week and managed not have a one of them cancelled due to rain. It waits to hit until you try to sleep and can't see a thing outside. One night we did have a little bit of hail. Parker was able to go fishing with his Cub Scout troop Friday night. We had to stop and get some worms on the way there. The next thing I know we are pulling up to a guys house next to a cemetary who apparently sells worms out his garage. Possibly other "things" judging from the area, but I digress. Anyway we pull in and Emma points to the cemetary and says, "I see dead people." She is destined to be in movies! The weather wasn't too bad and the fish were even biting. A little windy, but the kids soon got bored and the adults did most of the fishing anyway. I was the one who kept catching them (sunfish) and so the kids got to hold them and help throw them back. Most of the dads appeared to be fishing novices.

Today was hot and sticky and we finally turned the air on. A hot mommy is a crabby mommy! Plus our upstairs always gets so hot. Steve blew up the pool and they were outside most of the afternoon. They appeared to not get a sunburn this time, whew! They also became entreprenuers, but I'll share that on the next post. We decided to treat the kids to Pizza Hut and seeing Kung Fu Panda tonight. While we were waiting at Pizza Hut, he was reading the kids coloring sheet and it says - If you were president for a day, what would you do? Real mater of factly he says, "I'd be on a quarter!" Of course they nearly blew a gasket when we said we were going to a movie. We don't go to movies generally so this was a big treat for them. Steve showered and gussied himself up a bit before we left. Emma says, "Daddy we aren't going to church. You don't have to look so handsome."

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