Sunday, June 08, 2008

Brother Can You Spare A Quarter?

I looked at the window yesterday and see Parker sitting out in the hot sun in the back yard, patiently waiting for customers for his lemonade (it was actually clear He had put this together all by himself, so allergies and all I headed outside to buy a cup. He only gave you about half a cup and said that if you wanted it to the top it'd be another quarter...quite the business man! I'm not sure where he thought all of his customers would come from since he was in the back yard and also the fact that we only have a couple neighbors, but I have to love him for his entreprenuer skills! Emma then gets into the sales business too. She has me make her some popcorn and gets some bowls and gets some money out of me too! I didn't tell her that the Dept of Health wouldn't go for bowls in the grass! I couldn't stop sneezing so I didn't stay long, but the neighbor girl came over sans quarters and they were nice and gave her some anyway. So they won't make it as CEO's...they are too nice!

I don't think they'd be as successful in the cat trapping business. The other day I could hear them upstairs making a lot of noise. First one would come down for tape, then scissors, then a bowl of cat food. I went to check out things and saw their "cat trap." He had taken scotch tape and put it on the carpet sticky side down. Emma had taken some bright pink yarn and made a pile and she also labeled his bowl of food so Cooper would know where it is. It reminded me of Tom and Jerry, which is probably where they got the idea! Ideally this is how it would go. Cat would see the yarn and food and walk to it, but get stuck in the tape (I didn't mention to him that it should be sticky side up) and when he was stuck they'd put a clothes basket on him. Unfortunately for them the cat did not fall for this or actually I think he was napping so he missed everything. A little while later I sat on our bed and Cooper pops out from under it wanting some petting. Parker came in with the clothes basket for the capture. In the end they were able to trap him after all!

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