Saturday, May 14, 2005

I See Why They Named Him Marshmallow

It's because that's all his brain is made of! We hadn't seen him for a couple of days, but I figured with all of the rain, he may have gone back home. Nope! Steve opened up the shed today and there was Marshmallow. He'd been in there for probably a couple days. He didn't even want to come and there was fur everywhere, because he apparently had his head stuck in a hole for awhile. He must not have been hungry though because there were a bunch of mice in there and no carnage from the cat.

Parker informed me yesterday when he woke up that there are just boogers in his nose and no popcorn, so that's good to know!

I was home with the kids yesterday and since it was crappy outside, I wanted to go somewhere. We ran to Walmart for a few things. The kids were pretty good, but got very bored very fast when we stopped in the scrapbooking section. They was a bunch of new stuff and Steve already saw the amount show up on our checking statement...oops! While we were shopping Emma found some M&M stickers and grabbed them and said "Thanks Mom. I'm so proud of you!" I snuck them back on the shelf when she wasn't looking.

After dropping everything off at home, we headed to the zoo. I thought no one would be there as it was dreary and overcast, wrong! Apparently every school, preschool and daycare in the greater Des Moines area was there. They wouldn't even let us park near the front. I didn't bother with the stroller as I knew E would want to walk everywhere herself anyway and P would be the one who'd want to ride in it. This was not one of the better zoo trips we've ever taken. E didn't want to get out of the prairie dog hole and also didn't want to get off the playground equipment. P wouldn't stay near me and when E and I were looking at the giraffes he disappeared. I had to lug muddy Emma all around looking for him and then it started to rain. I was afraid he'd end up on a school bus as whenever there are groups of kids anywhere he wants to go with them. Found him by the seals just walking around not scared at all. He always wants to go to the zoo, but then never stops to look at anything, he just wants to keep going. On that note we went home! If it hadn't been crowded I think we'd have been fine, but since it was so noisy, he couldn't hear me telling him to stop.

Had soccer today, was terribly windy again. I spent most of the time in the van with Emma. They played a little scrimmage, but there was one kid who hogged the ball and the rest of the kids just ran behind him. When we got in the van, Parker said, "I'm very tired!"

Still no progress on the potty situation. I bought her a bathroom set for her doll house yesterday, so baby has been practicing going potty for her. She says "I'm so proud of you for going potty. You get a treat."

I've convinced Mom to get a blog.

Ok Grandma Hansen, you'd better get started on one too!

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