Thursday, May 26, 2005

Diaper Ice

Guess I haven't posted lately, but guess nothing too exciting has happened around here! Both kids are officially taking after me.... Parker in the morning does not want to get up and Emma at night does not want to go to bed! He sleeps with his light on so that doesn't work to wake him up. Today Steve opened his door and uncovered him and a minute later Parker shut the door and went back to sleep. Emma stalls terribly at night. We laugh, because that's when suddenly she decides she wants to sit on the potty. Tonight she took off her pj's and diapers and sat on the potty chair.... Of course no action, besides the stalling.

Steve and the kids took me to work today (van was in for an oil change) and so when they picked me up today, we treated them to Burger King. I swear everytime we're in a playland, Emma springs a leak. (A while ago when we were at McD's, she sprung a leak the minute we got there and I didn't have extra clothes. Luckily P had shorts and sweatpants on, so I stuck her in his shorts. I think I really confused him) Her diaper was starting to really sag tonight, but we were planning to leave in a couple minutes, so we figured we'd just change at home. She can't climb up the last couple rungs by herself, so she always stands there and looks pitiful saying, "Help me little girl, help me." Tonight the "little" girl was twice her age. (She usually sucks someone in) Anyway, tonight we said "Let's go" and of course Emma starts climbing as fast as she can to get away. The little girl helped her up and Emma was missing for a good 5-10 minutes. We didn't see her anywhere. She always hides when it's time to go home and I'm not about to go up there. We knew eventually she'd get thirsty. After awhile here she came with a diaper disinigrating between her legs. It looked like there was crushed ice all of the floor. I'm sure there was plenty up above as well. Ick!!! We got out of there quickly after that. Parker's girlfriend Chloe showed up right before we left. She has blonde hair and big blue eyes too, so they make a cute couple. She held his hand the other day at church. Steve doesn't it like it when I say "girlfriend."

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The Mom said...

I wish I could have seen that diaper....too funny. Go Parker on the girlfriend gig!