Monday, May 23, 2005

The Princess and the Pig

Emma had gotten a dollhouse for xmas and loved it. It really didn't come with much furniture, but she likes to use all kinds of figurines in it (Care Bears, trains, Dora the Explorer etc.) Lately she loves to use the Princess that came in a toy she got awhile ago. Her other favorite is the pig that came in the Fisher Price barn. I had the bright idea that if I got her the bathroom set for dollhouse, if piggy and princess went potty, then maybe E would want to to. Yes, she has them go alot and says "Did you make a stinky? You need to use the potty, good pig" and in the same moment she poops her diaper.... I guess she's skilled. She is always saying piggy you are stinky and need a bath, so this is the cleanest pig in the midwest.

We also decided we'd better get her out of a crib. She loves sleeping in it and never gets out, so I haven't been in a hurry. I also worried that if she could get up anytime she wanted now, she'd be up all night playing with Princess and the Pig. Her crib makes into a daybed and for the last few nights and afternoon naps, she doesn't even try to get out. When she wakes up, she'll yell, "I'm awake, I need out of bed." I'm sure she'll eventually get out, but so far it's good while it lasts.

P has been scared of the dark lately in his room at night, so he sleeps with a touch light on and the shades up. Not sure how he can sleep, but he's sleeping better now than when it was dark and he'd wake up in the middle of the night upset. I'm hoping this is a phase! Poor kid really scorched his finger on the light the other day though. The shade on it had broken (can't remember which one did that) and so he must have touched the wrong spot. He's also become obsessed with Xmen lately thanks to daycare. He calls himself Icicle. I guess my name is Storm and Emma is Gabin. He said daddy isn't an Xman.

It was the last day of Sunday School yesterday and they had a fun day outside for the kids. There was a bounce house and so the kids were in heaven. Emma was one of the littlest ones in there and wasn't scared at all. P loved it as well. They also got some bubbles and played ring toss and ate way too many cookies. I brought my camera, but of course I hadn't charged the batteries so only got a couple movies of them in the bounce house and no still pics. When will I learn?

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