Saturday, May 14, 2005

Bicardis and Strip Poker

Parker wanted a drink and I was looking in the cupboard for a cup for him. He saw the sippies and said I want to use the Bicardi.... he must have seen Unc Brad and the pics from New Orleans!

Right after the Bicardi comment Parker gets out my Texas Hold Em set and asks Emma to play with him. He likes to flip the cards over and then move the poker chips the number of spaces on the card. Steve doesn't like him to play with it (apparently afraid it'll corrupt him, but he's gone right now so too bad). I was in the kitchen making banana bread and am not really listening to them, but can hear them talking to each other. I hear the words naked chair and then hear it a few more times. I go in there and they have both taken their shirts off and are sitting only in their jeans playing cards. It was soooo funny, I had to take a picture. Better not post a picture on the web though!

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