Friday, May 06, 2005

Share and Share Alike

I took E with me when I took P to class tonight so Steve could have some time to do some things outside. I told them that after class we'd all go to the park. Poor Parker has been asking for a week and finally it's getting warm enough to go. While he was in class making his paper bag poncho and hitting a pinata, E and I went shopping. I stayed away from Walmart as that place gets me into trouble, so we ran to Goodwill. The first thing we saw was a Lucky Duck game. The batteries even worked and so she was having it quack in the store. $1.99 not too bad. Then she sees a lunch bag with a Wells Fargo logo and says "It's Mommy's!"Then we go to the game and puzzle section and I didn't see much that would interest either one of them. Little Miss Observant, spots a great find. I've never seen one of these before, but it's a Sesame Street track system with a little bus that runs on batteries, where you hook all the 26 letters together to make the track. Every single piece was there including directions. They'll have all of them lost by Saturday, that was another $1.99. When we went up to pay though she only charged me $1.99 total, so that was cool. Daddy is "thrilled" we got more toys with lots of pieces. We then went to Dollar General and got a pink ball for outside and some hair ties, so I kept my shopping spree under $5. We picked P up from class and he had his candy from the pinata, he said "Here sister, this is for you" and gave her a piece.
We then headed to the park. The kids were so excited they about blew a gasket. They played for awhile and snacked on pretzels and fruit snacks sharing with each other. They were the only kids there and P kept saying "Emma follow me" and they both kept saying "We love the park." I purposely didn't bring any drinks, since I knew once they got thirsty enough we could go home and it was getting close to bed time. After dragging the new track set out, we finally got them to bed.

I have finally gotten my Survivor, CSI and Apprentice watched. At least the finales are coming soon and my Tuesday and Thursday nights won't be so busy... although then Big Brother starts... yes I have a problem, I admit it!

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