Friday, May 20, 2005

That Girl Loves Dirt

P had Parks and Rec class tonight and they were learning about flowers and dirt. I had E with me because she likes to go shopping with Mommy while his class is going on. They met outside and they were playing with buckets, dirt and scoops and Emma so was so excited she about cried. I couldn't get her to understand that this wasn't her class. The teacher loves Parker (our kids take soccer and tumbling together) and so I let E play for a couple minutes and then picked her up screaming that she wanted to play with dirt!!! She calmed down by Walmart and then "helped" me push the cart around. Got the kids some cool shades and E some new sumemr jammies. Got her some with frogs on them (wasn't thinking because she saw a real frog at Lauri's today and went into hysterics), but luckily she didn't seem to mind them as long as they weren't breathing. P was very excited because they got Oreos for a snack at class, but I don't think he was very thrilled he got his hand covered in paint, since they made hand flowers.

Well done watching CSI and Apprentice. Was glad she didn't win Apprentice, she has been very embarassing the last few shows, can't stand the swearing and the the making fun of the others. She is my bosses' neighbor, so guess that's my brush with fame.

Going to my first monthly Women's Poker Night tomorrow night. I'd better be on my best behavior and try not to get too competitive or I won't be asked back!

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