Monday, May 09, 2005

Checking In

I'd better update my blog or Auntie M and Preggy Marn will kill me! Now I have to try to remember what we did the last few days, I can see why I should not procrastinate so much! I wanted to type last night, but allergy season has kicked in around here and either my allergies are bothering me or I have strep throat. I felt very crappy after we got back home last night and my throat is killing me today.

Friday: Spent the evening playing soccer with Parker and pink ball with Emma in the big area of our yard. Man he's really got a leg on him and I was also amazed how Emma can be coordinated to kick it already. They obviously got my athletism (NOT). While we were outside we noticed our new neighbors are starting to move in. Haven't had anyone living in that house for at least two years or so. They have some kids of various ages it looks like. Hopefully Steve's intense mowing doesn't scare them away. Kitty Corner across from us we are also getting new neighbors who are building a new home. This road hasn't seen this much activity in a long time. Also on Friday night a huge semi managed to get stuck right across the road just past our mailbox, so our yard became the pass thru for all the neighbors on the end.

Saturday: Soccer once again. He was very excited to go and Mom under estimated when to get there (the soccer field is way on the other side of town) so we were almost late..oops! It was terribly windy again, but not as cold. He had his new soccer shirt and his "soccers" on (shin guards). He does pretty good and didn't even use his hands. Quite a few of the younger kids were scared or crying. Sometimes Parker looks a little confused, but I think it's because he couldn't hear what was going on. We then told the kids that we were going to Grandma Beymer's later that day, so for the next few hours all we heard was "Let's go!" We headed back and Emma took a huge snooze upstairs and Parker helped Grandpa with chores. We were hoping to take the kids fishing, but once again too windy. After waiting to see if it would die down, Steve, Dad, John and I headed out. I rode in the back of the Gator (or alligator as E calls it) with Keela a.k.a. Kiki the dog over to the pond. I caught quite a few decent sized blue gills and then hit a cold spell. Then everyone else started catching bgills and crappies for awhile. They also caught a few bass we threw back. We fished till it got dark and it took me 10 minutes the next day to come all the snarls out of my hair from the wind. Gma got to give the kids baths and P crashed long before we got back.

Sunday: We stayed at other gpa and gma's Sat night and in the morning planned to all go to church. Poor kids we had them dressed for church way too early and they couldn't go outside and play until after we got back. They did pretty good at church, besides P picking his nose in front of everyone when he went up for the children's sermon, but I know he's having some allergy problems so we'll let that slide for now. They then sang a song he didn't know although I could tell he really wanted to sing. He did dance a little bit from side to side. Emma had a couple loud statements during church, but overall I consider it a success. When we got out of church she said, "I can be louder now." Also when we were leaving church, someone wanted Gma Judi to take their picture and Gpa Robert kind of sighed (because Gma can never seem to take a picture fast enough or is always having problems with her camera) and Parker said "This thing won't work." P got to play some soccer outside with Cuz Laura and Emma once again took a big snoozer. It got kind of stormy out for awhile, but then we headed back home. P then said now it's time for Grandma Beymer's house. (We did things backwards this time so it confused them.) P played yet some more soccer outside and Emma chased our new kitty around.

Monday: We accidentally forgot Emma's pillow and blanky at the Hansens, but she actually didn't get too upset, we just explained to her we'd get it next time. Today she wanted to take new pillow and Nemo blankie to Lauri's, so she's apparently ok with it. Tonight was bath night and she even let me scrub behind her ears, oops apparently I hadn't in awhile, I forget since her hair covers them. We then had poppy corn and Parker read books while Emma played trains. (She is also very obsessed with her dollhouse and tells the funniest stories when she's playing, will type more on that another night). Parker could make out about half the words in the books we were reading, now if we could only get that kid to want to write!

We seem to have a new cat at our house. It might be our sitter's cat, I need to ask. Usually everytime a new cat come around, Cooper chases them away. Even though he has no front claws most cats are scared of him. This cat though is so dumb, that he just walks closer to Cooper and tries to be friends. He's also a male, so I wouldn't think he's looking for some lovin. He's cream colored, a lot thinner than Cooper and kind of cross-eyed. The minute we get home he comes running from across the road or from the trees or fields. He is so loving and lets the kids chase him around and lets them try to pet him. He has front claws though, so I'm sure he'll accidentally scratch one of them pretty soon when he's playing. I've given him food and water the last couple of days even though Steve is against it... ha ha! I called him Patches, but Parker said his name is The Cat. Steve said he doesn't have Patches on him, so I said I'd call him Kriss Cross (since he's cross eyed). Cooper is very jealous and I think he runs out and eats all the food the minute we aren't looking. Cooper also broke a flowerpot this morning getting up on the shelf freaking out at the cat outside. He has to have been someone's cat since he's so friendly, so we'll see if he stays around. Cooper'd better be on his best behavior, since there is some competition!!

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