Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More of the Same

Tonight after we got home it was more outside time.... soccer, playing on the swingset, Emma in the sand box (getting sand in her diaper), playing with our "new" kitty etc and the kids asking again when are we going to Grandma's house. It's supposed to rain here the next couple of days, better get them outside while we can. No big storms our way yet, but I can hear thunder. I was up till 2 last night and up at 6, so I'm not staying up to see if we get blown away!

Been busy watching Amazing Race tonight, was so thrilled with who won (won't type who it was in case some of you haven't seen it yet).

P.S. Cat aka White Kitty aka Kriss Cross aka Patches is actually known as Marshmallow in his real home. He is my sitter's cat, but he seems to want to live here instead for now. Cooper is still pouting....

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