Saturday, May 28, 2005

I love the pretty colors

There are hot air balloons out tonight. The weather is so beautiful tonight, although I think almost too beautiful for the balloons, since they don't seem to be doing anywhere. Emma saw them and about had a coronary. "Ahhhh, I love the pretty colors!" she shouted when I showed her. We are missing the Balloons on the Square this year because of vacation, so we'll have to be sure to take her out to the balloon festival in August, so she can see them up close and personal. Sometimes they fly right over our house. You kind of do a double take when a gigantic champagne bottle flies overhead.

Daddy and P did a little fishing while Emma and I napped today. They caught one big fish, but then that was it. Hopefully we can sneak in a little fishing time this weekend back home, but we'll have to see.

Parker had his next to last soccer practice today. Most of it was game time, which meant two kids had the ball the whole time and the rest of them ran behind. I don't think P is really grasping the concept he's supposed to be trying to kick the ball yet, but he doesn't get upset, so I'm not too worried about it. He loves to just kick the ball back and forth, preferrably with the coaches. His "girlfriend" was there too, and she's just as lost as he is. He's starting zoo class in a couple weeks and he really liked it by the end of summer last year. Too bad litle E can't go, but they have to be 3. She'll be able to start Parks and Rec craft class and Sunday School in the fall, I'm sure she'll love it. (But she'll probably need to work on her inside voice.)

Daddy worked a bunch with Emma on potty training yesterday, but she would sit and sit and nothing happened. When it was about bedtime, she insisted she would go potty. She ran around without a diaper for a long time and would sit on her potty chair. Then there was potty action....on the floor. We said it was time for bed (it was way past bedtime at that point anyway and were letting her stay up since we knew she'd eventually need to go), but then she kept crying, "I want to sit on the potty." Eventually we got her into bed. She got up regular time today, but then at noonish said, I need in my bed and went right to sleep.

Kids were outside "helping" in the garden tonight and then were making sandcastles. Daddy had to use the garden hose on them they were so dirty. Of course they loved it. We have SOOOOO many strawberries. They aren't red yet, but can't wait!

Parker is still doing great on the eating. Tonight, he ate two pieces of pasta salad and TWO pieces of hot dog. Emma ate two huge pieces of celery and actually cleaned all of her plate too. She's been a battle lately, but P always eats everything, generally without a fight anymore.

Today was Cooper's vet checkup/shot day. The vet gives us a tranquilizer pill, because otherwise he has "panic attacks." That's actually written in his chart. Cooper is till sleeping off his "kitty hangover." His eyes have been crossed and glazed over and he's pretty much been sleeping. When he was walking earlier he looked drunk. The vet said since Cooper is getting older, he needs to be on a senior cat food, since he isn't so active anymore. Has he ever been active??

Our other cat Marshmallow caught an almost full grown rabbit yesterday and then ate till he was stuffed. I'm going to make Steve move the rabbit carnage out of the yard...yuck!

Well Emma's bedtime, so we'll see what stall she tries to use tonight.....

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