Monday, May 30, 2005

Fish Fry Anyone???

Whew.... we've arrived back from our whirlwind Exira tour.

We had a lot of fun. Kids got to spend a lot of time with each side and Steve and I even got to do stuff too! Sunday morning we dropped the kids of at G&G B's house, while we went to the 100th anniversary celebration at the Lutheran Church. Church only ran over an hour, so it was 2 hours altogether. Can't believe the Lutherans would allow such a thing, that shows their dedication to the celebration :-) We then headed to the lunch and afternoon program. Steve was singing and Grandma Judi was in one of the plays. While we were at the program, E made nana bread with Gma and P went fishing with Gpa B. They caught 19 fish in a relatively short amount of time. I think both of them had a pretty good time at the Beymer Ranch!

I had to leave a bit early from the program to get the kids, but then we were able to celebrate cousin Laura's 16th bday with cake, which of course P and E loved. Emma kept practicing blowing at the candles! They had to get Laura home for a suprise bday party her friends were throwing for her. That was ok though, because at about that time E had a breakdown due to being overtired and so she took a late nap. P played some more Garfield. There are some really cool games at He especially loves the treasure hunt games....ok so do I, we spent hours on Saturday, trying to figure out how to solve them. After we got E up from her nap around 6 we headed to the cemetaries. The kids did ok, but E kept freaking out over all the flowers and P wanted to walk on the headstones. I kept telling her to use her cemetary voice, so she whispered "ok." P kept saying all of these weird things and trying to put his hands in my pocket, and I said something no mother should ever tell her child, but I was getting frustrated at this point, I said, "Parker, please stop being weird." He said, "No mom, I'm not being weird, I'm being a parrrot.".... Ok, my mistake then!

We headed out to another smaller cemetary west of town and Emma ran around and picked up all of the flowers that had blown off the graves, she was in heaven. P had to pee, but since no one else was there, we let him pee on a tree. For someone who's only 44 inches tall, he's got quite a range and aim! He started to get tired and we realized it was way past his bedtime. Both kids crashed when we got back, although Emma insisted she wasn't tired.

This morning, P was up at 5:30. Apparently, he forgot he stayed up late the night before. E slept in a bit. I went to the Memorial Day Celebration in Brayton with Mom. It was a very nice service and the weather was great. Mom got some pretty good pictures of everything. I didn't take the kids to this either, Gma and Gpa H watched them. Guess they had ice cream for lunch, so Gma H is at the top of their lists right now :-) Steve went fishing with Dad while this was going on and they came back with 60 fish. They had A LOT of fun cleaning all of those. After lunch, Dad, Steve, P and I headed back to fish again. We caught a couple dozen more. P and I were tuckered out and tried to nap in the Gator towards the end. The fish finally stopped biting which was probably a good thing. We now have enough fish to feed the neighborhood! While E was with Gma B, finally at 4 she hit the wall and went down for a nap.

After cleaning even more fish, we headed back home. When we got home around 7, P begged us to let him go to bed. The kids were filthy though, so that had quick baths first. E stayed up till 8 and then of course insisted she wasn't tired. I didn't hear a peep from her after she laid down.

I'll post some pics in the next couple days, but I'm too tired to attempt that now.

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