Friday, April 08, 2005


There was a lot of fog this morning when we left around seven. The door was open to the garage and when we went to get into the van Parker said, "Mom it's froggy and slippery outside!" Then of course not to be outdone, Emma says (looking down the lane at the mailbox), "Oh, no! How will the mail get here?" Apparently she was worried how Grandpa the mailman would be able to deliver mail! Then we got to Lauri's and I asked Parker to tell her what it looks like outside and he said, "Smoke."

Poor little E's heels are slowly healing due to my shoe stupidity. The kids have spent a lot of time on Lauri's trampoline and P got in trouble today because he was tripping all of the little kids while they were on the trampoline.... so P got no more trampoline time. Must be something in the air, as I hear his cousin Peyton was a handful today too.

E and I went up to visit daddy in the garden tonight and Emma bent down and picked up a clover and said, "A four leaf clover!" Where does she learn all of this stuff at?

Got promoted to an accountant this week at work. Steve asked what it meant and I said a bigger cube and an extra chair. He laughed, but those things are actually status symbols where I work. Ahh, corporate America!


Marianne said...

That's so cute, my daughter calls fog "froggy too! Fun BLOG, way cute kids.

Marianne said...
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