Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I feel like McD's tonight

Parker developed a fascination with McDonald's this weekend. Neither ask very often for McD's or BK, but for whatever reason all he could talk about was McD's and he kept saying ok, let's go. Steve is gone tonight so I told him we'd go tonight if they were good at daycare that day. He was so excited to go. I was talking to Lauri before we left and he kept coming back and smiling saying, Mom are you ready t go? I treated them to Happy Meals (Chicken Nuggets of course). Usually they just split an adult meal, since they never care too much about the toys. It was Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc and they have been watching that movie again lately, so they were pretty excited to get them. They were actually pretty cool for a happy meal toy. He loves playing the air hockey table, but as usual after we're there a bit, bigger kids take over and he doesn't get to play again. He did try playing with a couple different kids, but when he lost I could tell he was getting upset, so I convinced him to do something else. At McD's E is able to get up in the tubes by herself so she had a blast. They also both love the Nintendo games, but dont' know how to play any of them. He has pretty much mastered the ones at daycare though. After about an hour P said he was ready to go, so of course Emma scampered up to the top of the tubes. Luckily when she came down, she said, I'm ready to go, so I didn't have to take her kicking and screaming. Then on the way home they eat their food, that's usually the way they eat fast food it seems.

Worst mother ever, I put Emma's dress shoes on Sunday without socks and now she has terrible raw spots on the back of her heels. I'm hoping she forgives me :-(

I've got to get up earlier tomorrow, so I think I'll head to bed. Daylight savings time has zapped me and the kids!

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